Sales FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I sign up to use MGT?

Your practice needs to sign up to use MGT. Practice Managers can create user accounts for GPs and Nurses. Please reach us to sign up for your practice.

Do I have to download anything for MGT?

Your IT team can install MGT to your clinical software and it will take max- 2-3mins

Can I edit or complete a plan done by a different user?

Yes, you can. All the users can edit, complete and make any changes to the plan done by any users.

How do I send the plan to Allied Health if they have activated the portal after completing it?

You do not have to do anything. If you have selected a provider who has an activated portal they can receive it straight away when the GP sign and complete the plan.

I can’t remember my password and when we select forgot password nothing comes through to our emails 

If you are the practice manager you can click forgot pw and enter the user ID and you will get a link to reset the pw. But make sure to enter the user ID manually, do not copy and paste. If you are a nurse or GP you can follow the same steps and your practice manager will get an email and your practice manager can change the pw or your practice manager can directly change your pw by logging to their admin account under user management and then updating the password.